Dog Grooming Guide

Our Dog Grooming Guide provides simple to follow tips and information to help you groom and bathe your dog. We include basic techniques and easy to understand terms covering bathing, brushing and clipping to assist even the newest of pet owners. For the more experienced groomer we cover some the technical aspects of grooming equipment and grooming practice. Our guide includes information on a wide variety of breeds ranging from the very popular to the more obscure. Groomers experts are keen to share their many years of expertise to ensure dog owners and their pets enjoy life to the full.

Dog Grooming Tips and Guide

It is often difficult to get the dog grooming tips that you need, especially if you are new to dog ownership.  Our advice guide is designed to give you the vital information to keep their coat looking its best, from what brush to use to how often they need bathing.  A large part of the advice we give can be found in the A – Z grooming guide, where you can find advice on how to groom your breed and what specific needs they have.  For all of these dog grooming tips and more, take a read of our guide.

Breed Grooming Advice

The dog grooming tips that we provide come from industry experts, ensuring you get the best advice for you and your pet.  The majority of the advice we give is based around specific breeds or coat types, ensuring that all owners get the information they need when they need it.   So whether you are a student groomer, a new start-up or have been a professional for years, you will find some handy information that will improve your performance.  The aim of our dog grooming tips page is to help you deal with your problems and we think we’ve managed to do that.
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