Dog Grooming Sprays

After bathing a dog, you may wish to use a dog grooming spray to help the grooming process as well as create an excellent finish.  They follow the same trend as shampoos and conditioners in that they are available in numerous ranges.  They stretch from anti-static sprays to fragrance sprays, so it really depends on what you need your grooming spray to do and which one will suit your dog’s coat.

An anti-static grooming spray such as Groomers Revitalize Anti-Static Spray is ideal for longer haired breeds as it makes it more manageable.  They help to retain the moisture in the coat and eliminate the static charge, keeping the hair under control.  Coat conditioning sprays are also available which will help to maintain the coat and skin long after grooming.

If your dog often gets a matted coat, a range of detangle sprays are available to help with grooming.  Groomers Light Groom and Detangle Spray and other such products can be used regularly to help keep the coat in a manageable state, helping to remove knots and tangles.  A range of dog grooming sprays that are becoming more prominent are styling sprays, such as Groomers InStyle Spray, which will help to style and hold the coat and make your dog look its best.

Another range of dog grooming sprays that is available are fragrance sprays, which are intended to keep your dog smelling fresh rather than helping the grooming process.  They can be lightly sprayed over the coat to ensure your dog smells clean and fresh.  So, there is a large range of dog grooming sprays available and which one you choose will depend on your needs and those of your dog.


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