Double Coats

Breeds with double coats include Border Collies, St Bernards and Siberian Huskys.  Within this coat type there can be differences of coat length depending on the breed but, in general, double coated dogs need a lot of grooming.  When a dog within this category starts to shed its coat you will need to remove all loose hairs on a regular basis as they are prong to matting.

Dogs with a double coat, like most breeds, can be bathed between once a week and once every three months.  However, they should be bathed more regularly when they are shedding their coat to ensure it remains in top condition.  Brushing the a double coated dog is a much more methodical task than brushing most breeds as you need to be sure you are taking care of the undercoat as well as the top coat.

Starting at the bottom, split the coat into manageable vertical lines that you can work through.  Lift each line to expose the undercoat and then work along it with a slicker such as the Tuffer Than Tangles Slicker Brush to remove any loose hair and matting, moving up the body as you complete each line.  Once you have groomed the main body, move your attention to the smaller areas of the body.  Using the same brush work around the head, tail and legs.  Finally, use a comb such as the #69 Spratts Comb to ensure all loose hairs have been removed and that all hairs flow in the right direction.


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