Common Grooming Problems

Grooming your dog at home does take a degree of bravery as some things can go wrong.  But donít worry, until you get used to it mistakes can happen but most of them are easy to fix and wonít cause too much harm to your dog.  Grooming your dog is a learning process and you shouldnít expect to be brilliant at it straight away.  Below are some common problems that you may experience that are easy to solve.

Brush Burn

Sometimes when dealing with slicker brushes one can be a little hard, especially when dealing with tough and tangled coats.  When this occurs you may see red scratch marks appear on your dogs skin, as you may have seen when testing your slicker brush (see dog grooming brushes).  If you do see these lines you should stop work immediately so as not to cause more irritation the animalís skin.  After a couple of hours the irritation should die down, and to help this process you can use something like Hatchwells Ear, Skin and Paw Cream to soothe any irritation.  If the scratch marks do not disappear after a few hours you should seek help from a qualified professional.

Clipper Rash/Burn

A rash or burn can also occur after use of dog grooming clippers.  This is most common if you set the cutting length too short, which depends on what breed of dog you are grooming.  No burn is actually caused but the dog will experience irritation that it will scratch at, making it much worse than it would otherwise be.  Again, an ointment such as the EPOC Soothing Cream will help to reduce the irritation the dog feels and stop it scratching at it.  After this the wound should heal within 24 Ė 48 hours but if it doesnít you should see a vet as soon as possible.

Minor Nicks and Cuts

Grooming scissors and clippers can be dangerous tools to use and small cuts can occur, even when the groomer is an experience professional.  However, the important thing is not to panic, especially if it is only a tiny nick.  Like an injury on a person, assess how deep or serious the wound is then apply pressure to stop the bleeding.  A special kit such as the Bambino Pet First Aid Kit will contain all the items you need to treat the wound, such as bandages for larger cuts.  If you canít stop the bleeding or the cut is deep, it may be wise to see a vet.

Mats and Tangles

Before you even start grooming you may be faced with a dog that has numerous mats and tangles in their coat.  First, attempt to brush out the tangles using a normal slicker brush.  If this does not work you should use a dematting brush such as the Vivog De-matting Comb, or a small pair of scissors, to unpick the mat and break it into smaller sections which can then be brushed.  Either way, hold the mat at the bottom and work away from the skin.


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